Learning without being taught

Sam went to camp in Chicago where he was learning to program using Scratch. Scratch has an online community where kids like Sam post their games, and other kids not only play but also see the code, modify it, and comment on it. When we asked Sam what it meant to be a good member of the Scratch community, he didn’t say building games or posting animations. He said, to “not be mean” in your comments. In other words, he got the coding, but the real thing he was learning was how to work with other people effectively. When we asked him what he looked for in other people’s programs, he said, “something really cool you would never know yourself.” So he was learning how to learn from others. Man, I would love to see more 40-year-olds with this kind of intelligence.

Citat fra interviewet Why John Seely Brown Says We Should Look Beyond Creativity to Cultivate Imagination

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