Everything is a dinosaur (Audio Theatre)

From physical theatre to audio theatre

In the fall of 2021 we produced an Audio Theatre version of the family play Everything is a dinosaur in Teater Jævn. Director Lene Skytt rewrote the script, which I recorded with the actors Sofie Ancher Vea and Steffen Nielsen in a studio.

Sofie Ancher Vea would select takes and suggest edits. I edited and transferred the sounddesign I had made for the physical play, and slowly build up rest of the sounddesign. Most of the sounddesign and music is created with the same site-specific concept as the theatre play; it’s all made of found sounds related to the natural enviroments we would tour. For a few sections of the story I would record additional sound effects using things from an everyday house hold, to bring elements alive, which the actors would normally use gestures to show.

The whole play was divided into seven small episodes and shared as a podcast on popular platforms.

You can hear the result in the player on this site.


  • Sofie Ancher Vea
  • Steffen Nielsen

Director and Writer

  • Lene Skytt

Sounddesign, Mix and Mastering

  • Morten Mosgaard

Assistant Director

  • Jeppe Nyholm

Stage Manager

  • Josefine Højberg Bitsch


  • Anna Marie Houe


  • Gitte Villadsen


  • Morten Mosgaard