Everything is a dinosaur

A tribute to children's wild imagination and creativity

Everything is a dinosaur is an interactive theatre performance for 4 – 10 year olds and their grown-ups. The show aired for the first time outdoor in forests and natural settings across Hedensted Municipality in the autumn of 2021.

Everything is a dinosaur is a tribute to children’s wild imagination and creativity. During the performance, the children are invited to help reimagine the world we live in, to something no one has ever seen before!

As part of the performance, the children, together with two dinosaur-story-experts (our main characters), must find traces of a deceased dinosaur and make up stories of what the finds can tell us about the life and fate of the dinosaur. The children’s findings becomes part of the story, and in a great effort the actors mix all the elements into a fantastic, imaginative and completely unscientific story, where everything can be a dinosaur.

Sounddesign and composition

For Everything is a dinosaur I created a site-specific sounddesign using only found sounds and the voices of the audience. The found sounds was recorded of “dinosaur-findings” from a theatrical workshop with children, which was part of the artistic development of the play. I wanted the sound to come from nature it selves, so all instruments and sound effects was created using transformed sounds of sticks, stones and other things you can find in the local nature.

During the play the actors would record the audience sounding like a dinosaur. The sound was then pitched, so it would sound just like a real BIG (or very small) dinosaur. A magical transformation happening live and right in front of the audience. To run the sounds, music and sample of the audience we used a hardware sampler placed on the stage controlled by the actors.


  • Sofie Ancher Vea
  • Steffen Nielsen


  • Lene Skytt


  • Lene Skytt
  • With the help of the team

Sounddesign and Compositions

  • Morten Mosgaard

Stage Manager

  • Josefine Bitsch

Assistant director

  • Jeppe Nyholm


  • Anna Marie Houe


  • Gitte Villadsen

Theatrical producer

  • Morten Mosgaard


  • National Arts Council, Denmark
  • Hedensted Municipality
  • - Det fælles landdistriktsråd
  • - Udvalget for fritid og fællesskab
  • - Fritidsudvalget