A soundcollage and musical school bell installation

Friskoleklokken is a soundcollage / installation made as part of the artist-in-residence project Kunstneren Tæt På (The Artist Close By).

Friskoleklokken is a musical school bell created from the sounds of schoolchildren at the local school in Stadil-Vedersø trying to sound like their own school bell. The recordings was then chopped, processed and made into a choir-sounding software instrument.

When everthing is put together in a musical fashion it becomes a collage of sound.

This alternative school bell would replace the school bell for one day at the school, giving the pupils a fun and rare meeting with sounddesign and the artist behind.


  • Kunstneren Tæt På


  • Henk Keizer
  • Inge Agnete Tarpgaard