Ludvigs Maskerade

A modern adaptation of Ludvig Holberg's "Masquerade" for children

In 2022, a national celebration of Danish theatre was held to mark 300 years since the first Danish play was performed on a professional stage. Prior to 1722, theatre was only accessible to the wealthy and their friends, but that changed with the establishment of Lille Grønnegade Teatret.

At Teater Jævn, we wanted children to take part in the celebration. So, we decided to rewrite one of Danish playwright Ludvig Holberg’s classics, “Maskerade” or “Masquerade,” which was originally written for the first Danish theatre, Lille Grønnegade Teatret.

To create the soundtrack, we decided to use music from the opera “Maskarade,” which was an operatic version of the play composed by Danish composer Carl Nielsen. In order to give the music a modern twist, I took inspiration from Wendy Carlos and created a symphony orchestra of software synthesizers. This allowed me to interpret parts of the opera and create new compositions that would help children understand the characters in each stage of the play.