The Jazz Musician Revisiting

Musician meets child, child meets jazz

In spring 2019 I designed a concept for the cultural NGO Swinging Europe from Herning. The goal of the project was to have children experience jazz up close, by meeting live musicians through play on their own kindergarden playground. From the playful meetings in the playgrounds, the musicians would then create a new kind of jazz concert for children, inspired by their experiences with the kids.

As part of the project a group of students from the local pedagogue education would join musicians in the kindergardens, and help facilitate the meeting between children and musicians.


  • Maria Dybbroe (Alto saxophone)
  • Jonathan Schou (Tenor saxophone)
  • Frederik Sakham (Upright bass)
  • Nikolaj Bugge (Guitar)
  • Frej Lesner (Drums)
  • Morten Mosgaard (Voice)


  • Swinging Europe
  • VIA University College, Ikast and Horsens
  • Ikast-Brande Musikskole


  • Region Midtjylland
  • Nordea Fonden