The Jazz Musician Revisiting

Musician meets child, child meets jazz

Jazzen på genvisit was a cultural project aimed at introducing small children to jazz music through playful meetings with live musicians. This project was realized in collaboration with Swinging Europe, VIA University College in Ikast and Horsens, and Ikast-Brande Music School.

The project involved a group of musicians visiting kindergardens and daycare centers to interact with children through play. The musicians then used these experiences to create a new kind of jazz concert specifically designed for children. The project also included a group of pedagogue students who worked alongside the musicians to facilitate the interactions between the children and the musicians.

The project resulted in family concerts for 3-6 year olds in Region Midtjylland in June and November 2019, as well as a studio recording of the music produced during the project.

Listen to the music

The project showed that introducing young children to music through playful interaction with live musicians can have a number of benefits. It can help develop their creativity and imagination, as well as their social and emotional skills. This approach can also help foster a love of music and an appreciation for different types of music at a young age.

By using play and interaction to create a new kind of jazz concert, the project was able to make jazz music accessible and engaging for young children. The involvement of pedagogue students in the project also helped to create a collaborative and inclusive environment, where children could interact with musicians in a safe and supportive way. Overall, this project was a great example of how music can be used to bring people together and create new experiences.


  • Maria Dybbroe (Alto saxophone)
  • Jonathan Schou (Tenor saxophone)
  • Frederik Sakham (Upright bass)
  • Nikolaj Bugge (Guitar)
  • Frej Lesner (Drums)
  • Morten Mosgaard (Voice)


  • Swinging Europe
  • VIA University College, Ikast and Horsens
  • Ikast-Brande Musikskole


  • Region Midtjylland
  • Nordea Fonden