The Monster-cave

In 2019 I was invited, with Teater Jævn, to join a cultural multi-disciplinary collaboration in the municipality of Hedensted with us as a theatre and together with a painter and a photoartist.

The purpose of the project was to create a multi-disciplinary workshop for school-classes, where they would experience and work with imaginative storytelling, visual arts and photo art. The workshops was planned and executed by our dramaturg Gitte Villadsen together with the artists Inge-Lis Gaardsted and Britta Egebjerg, and was centered around the theme “Monsters”.

To display the work of the children in a unique fashion, I designed a physical Monster-Cave in collaboration with Anders Koed Jensen of Træls. An iglo-like structure made from reused wood, with two screens installed, that could display the pictures and stories the pupils had made in the workshops. To run the media on the screens I used a Raspberry Pi that would automatically start playing video-files from an USB Thumb Drive.

The Monster-cave structure could be disassembled and used for other purposes later.


  • Inge-Lis Gaardsted
  • Britta Egebjerg
  • Træls/Anders Koed Jensen


  • Hedensted Municipality